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About Mixed.Place

Patented mixed reality AR cloud infrastructure

that enables Streaming experiences

to be placed on accurate locations on earth.

Experiences persist and become part of reality
forever for everyone, day & night.


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A group of expert developers, artists, business people and international sales with more than 20 years of experience has joined to become one of the leading mixed reality company.

Alon Melchner

CEO & Founder

  • XR & future tech visionary, Entrepreneur & speaker

  • Founder & former CEO of WakingApp 2012-2017

  • Founder Oak Interactive, one of the first digital agency in 1996-2011

Eitan Yurman

CBDO & Founder

  • An experienced cloud evangelist as well as a creative business development & sales expert for 20 years

We will give you some tools,

SDK & API (coming soon)

Enterprises, agencies & designers will be able to use our mixed reality cloud API, to place content anywhere in the world.


Start-ups, developers & business will be able to implement our Mixed Reality AR cloud SDK, into their own solutions in every location.

All of you, will do the rest...

The world is such a small place for one reality, mixed.places are better.



We all must join AR cloud to cover the world with new mixed realities


2 Hamelacha Street,
Industrial Zone, Raanana 43361

Contact details:
Mr. Alon Melchner
Tel: 972-54-457-6969


Av. Ireno da Silva Venâncio, 199 – G 07A
CEP 18111-100 – Votorantim – SP

Contact details:
Mr. Helio Baraldi
Tel: + 55 15 3023 7777


Marcel Habetslaan 13
B-3600 Genk

Contact details:

Mr. Danny Weckx
Tel: + 32 89 84 84 20


Bellerivestrasse 18
8008 Zurich

Contact details:

Mr. Alexander Weislein
Tel: +41 787303137


Calle Industria 23-BIS
08202 – Sabadell
Barcelona, SPAIN

Contact details: 

Mr. Victor Audouard / Mr. Isaac Audouard
Tel: 34-93-745-7180


Room 1021 Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Contact details:

Mr. Jack N.G.
Tel: +852 9033 3221


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