Augmented reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality / AR CLOUD


Patented mixed reality AR cloud infrastructure

that enables Streaming experiences

to be placed on accurate locations on earth.

Experiences persist and become part of reality
forever for everyone, day & night.


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Powered by Mixed.Place MR/AR cloud

Location-based, Streaming Experiences AR cloud App

Location-based, multi-experiences app (patented) that provide streaming MR/AR cloud content while you move according to your location, what you need, the time of day and even your wishes.


Powered by Mixed.Place MR/AR cloud

Retailers & Agencies

Mixed reality Tools

Location-based, streaming MR/AR cloud marketing engagements to increase foot-traffic, loyalty & sales

  • Location-based MR/AR experiences indoors & outdoors

  • Loyalty & promotion virtual collectibles system

  • E-commerce to real world retail

  • Own your domain of earth – your real-virtual real-estate

Among our Clients:


Powered by Mixed.Place MR/AR cloud

Mixed reality UGC
(User Generated Content) tools.

Worldwide, Location-based, persistent AR cloud, shared sandbox with multiple tools to cover the world with mixed reality content.

  • 3D brushes

  • Bricks & blocks

  • 3D animated models

  • Interactive game pieces

Powered by Mixed.Place MR/AR cloud

Location-based 3D websites

real world Mixed Reality domains (coming soon) 

Mixed Reality will slowly replace the old 2D websites, information boards and flat screens. business will need location-based content, 3D websites

  • Own your domain of earth – your real-estate is your
    virtual real-estate too.

  • E-commerce to real world retail – place your products in
    the real world.

  • Offer your visitors interactive information on accurate locations in your store, restaurant, business and land.

We will give you some tools,

SDK & API (coming soon)

Enterprises, agencies & designers will be able to use our mixed reality cloud API, to place content anywhere in the world.


Start-ups, developers & business will be able to implement our Mixed Reality AR cloud SDK, into their own solutions in every location.

Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in shopping malls
Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in tourism
Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in Hospitals
Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in Exhibitions
Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in Museums
Mixed Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry
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The world is such a small place for one reality, mixed.places are better.

All of you, will do the rest...



We all must join AR cloud to cover the world with new mixed realities


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